Tuesday, September 8, 2009

it's easy, just pick out a paint chip

yeah right.
so we moved into our new apartment (which we were very happy about, for many reasons), and it came fully equipped with a stunning amount of white wall space. thankfully, ben (owner of the apartment / star of "miami social" - which is another blog post altogether) said we could paint, as long as we paint the walls white again before we move out. pretty standard. we decide it's best to only tackle the main room, so we don't have to paint the whole place again when we leave.
so the moving timeline went something like this: mom arrives tuesday night, mom packs entire apartment before thursday night (thank you, mom), dad arrives thursday night, and beginning friday morning, we get everything moved, unpacked, arranged, organized, with pictures on the walls before my parents fly out on sunday night. insert somewhere: we need to paint the main room.
so my thought process is this...i'm pretty creative, right? i'll just waltz down to home depot and pick out a color for the walls. duh. easy.
i had myself really convinced that i knew what i was doing. "oh, something neutral with a slight undertone of blue, but more of a green-blue tint, so it will tie in with my kitchen textiles..." blah, blah, blah blah.
so i'm thinking i've got this in the bag. friday flies by, and while ryan reminds us over and over that we have GOT to start painting, i'm like "oh, it won't take that long, don't worry about it..."
so sometime late friday mom and i head to the home depot on calle ocho, thinking that it's the closest. bad decision #1. not only is it NOT the closest, but it became very clear that we were the only people in the entire store who spoke english. and apparently all of the non-english-speaking people in south florida were painting their houses that weekend. no lie! i have never seen this many people buying paint at one time! mom and i can't even get to the paint chips without climbing over people...so i grab nearly every neutral paint chip within my reach, mom does the same, and we go back outside to the car to look at them. we narrow down, narrow down some more, and i finally arrive on a ralph lauren color ("oh, we'll just get them to color match this and buy behr paint instead..."). we head back to the counter, where there is 1 guy mixing paint for about 60 people in line. we then realize that we have to take a number...the guy calls 22. we are 38. awesome.
we wait. we wait some more. we go back through all of the chips. we go back outside. i leave my purse sitting outside. we go back in. we freak out about my purse. we run outside. it's still there. thank GOD.
FINALLY, he calls 37. we take our on-deck place at the counter. mom has a fleeting thought - "excuse me, mr. paint guy, we'd like to color-match this ralph lauren paint color. just curious - how much is RL paint, and how much is behr paint?"
"sorry lady, we can't color match. machine doesn't work." he goes on to inform us that RL paint is, of course, 3 times as much as behr.
he calls 38. mom holds our spot while i run frantically up and down the aisle looking for a behr or glidden chip that matches my RL chip. behr has nothing that even comes close. i grab what i think is the closest glidden match. bad decision #2. so after spending hours picking a chip out and waiting in line, i make the actual color decision in about 20 seconds, and buy 2 gallons of it in the next 20 seconds.
mom and i leave, convincing ourselves that "this color is just going to be so great." we're starving, so we meet ryan and my dad at casola's pizza. GOOD DECISION. we put off painting until saturday...
we finally get the paint process going after lunch on saturday. drop-cloths, blue tape, all that jazz. my dad starts edging, cause he's the only one who can reach the ceiling on the step-ladder. i have the roller. long story short, we paint almost the whole room. it's mid-day, and the room is flooded with daylight from our complete wall of windows. i step back and take a look. um, this is verrrrry...BLUE. "do you guys think this is bluer than we thought?..."
this sends everyone into a panic. they immediately sense that i'm not liking the color. ryan comforts me with, "i think we'll probably get lots of baby boy comments, but it's a nice color...i like it." oh, great. my brain kicks in, and i'm like "well, we just have to keep going. we already bought this paint and we're almost finished." but after looking at the walls for 10 more minutes with a sour look on my face, ryan and my parents insist that we start over and pick a color that i like.
soooooo i literally drop the roller and mom and i head to home depot again. it's now saturday around 5:00. but this time, we go to the coral gables home depot. we're the only ones in the paint section. praise the LORD. so, we go back to analyzing paint chips, quickly. i have about 0 confidence. geraldo the paint guy comes over to help, and after he runs tests on several colors and shows us the color breakdown, we leave with a sample of behr paint that is decidedly much less blue, and much more neutral.
back to the apartment to throw the sample on the wall...yes, we think it is neutral. victory! there are lots of comments about how much better it is than the last color, it's a world of difference, it's NOT baby blue, it's gonna look sooooo good...i drive back to home depot, find geraldo, buy 2 gallons of the new color, and return by 7:00. the sun is setting at the apartment...
we manage to paint the entire room, again, and finish by 11:00. we're feeling like we accomplished a lot. we arrange some of the furniture, unpack some more of the kitchen, and head to bed.
i woke up the next morning anxious to finish the main room after all of our hard work. dad and i succeed in deciding on how to best arrange the furniture (very difficult, i might add), and we get all the pillows and accessories in place, and he and ryan hang all of the pictures. i sit back, daylight now flooding the room...take a look...and decide that the walls are a very lovely shade of...


oh well. at least it's much better than the first color.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to Reality

So today I came back to the real world and actually did some work at the hospital. I will summarize the day in list format.

1. I was asked if my Bar Mitzvah was coming up (an attending physician commenting on my age/how old I look/how Jewish I look?).

2. I was asked if I went to college or if I went straight to medical school. This lovely patient got my attention to ask me that question by yelling "Yo, Doogie!"

3. I put my surgical mask on upside down and inside out when entering the operating room. They let me stay because I told them I was on a field trip.

4. I almost passed out.

5. I saw the wrath of a nurse as he proceeded to scream at someone because he hadn't had his 30 minute break. I italicized the word "he" just to send LeighAnn into a fury.

6. I worked my first 11 hour day. Completely over-rated. I think I will stay in school...indefinitely.

Monday, July 20, 2009

captiva island

we got to spend this past weekend with ryan's parents at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island. amazing. amazing weather, amazing scenery, amazing food, amazing relaxation. yeah, so we already live at the beach, but this one was much less stressful. i just wish i could have called in sick today so we could have stayed longer...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

we're back?

not sure how i feel about this. we already tried the blog thing. didn't go so well the first time around. but mel gave me a kick in the pants today, so what did i do first? changed the entire look instead of actually posting anything.

should we try again?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm about to flip!

Okay folks,

I know this is long overdue, and believe me, it is not because of LeighAnn's lack of nagging that it didn't happen. Basically, I am a little OCD* when it comes to things like this and I had several ideas for the blog, but none of them were perfect enough. However, after much thought, I was able to come up with a topic that expresses what I am deep down... annoyed!. As easy-going as I may appear, I am very easily agitated. This is complicated by the fact that all my senses are heightened (there is a debate as to whether or not I am a super hero) and I notice EVERYTHING. So for my first post I am going to create a table of topics that will be covered in the ensuing months. WARNING: most likely many of you will be repeat offenders of the things that send me into a rage and this will cause you to ask very logical questions. "Do I really do that?" "Is it that annoying?" "Does Tufts hate me?" The short answer to all those questions is YES, but to figure out why I hate you, you will have to become a frequent reader of this blog.

Table of Contents (in no particular order):
#1. People who take their shoes off in public places.
#2. People who chew ice (Ode to Chip Elmer).
#3. Doctors who smoke.
#4. Women drivers and other chronic offenders of traffic laws that I think should be obeyed.
#5. Overly dramatic Worship leaders.

That is just the beginning. The great thing about being so easily aggravated is that I will never run out of material and that is what made this such a great idea. So stay tuned, I plan to make this a study break activity, and believe you me, I take tons of study breaks.

PS: In case anyone was thinking about commenting on the fact that I am a life-long member of "The Comma Splicer Club", spare me...or you can comment, and I will write about how annoying you are. Your choice.

*: Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Saturday, October 18, 2008


LT: So, it's time we have a heart to heart about something. If you're at all like I was, when you think of Miami, your brain automatically calls up images of scenes from the last episode you saw of CSI Miami. Miami must be a really beautiful city filtered through colorful lenses. FALSEHOOD. Let me tell you, it's a real let down to find out that the sky is the same color as every other sky, and government workers aren't, and never will be, beautiful people. Let's just do some visual truth-revealing here:

Image 1: sc
ene from CSI Miami. Image 2: Actual shot of where this scene was filmed. So yeah, image 1...sweet sky, huh. While Miami does have an abundance of Lamborghinis, it looks way more like image 2...which brings me to my next point...image 2 was taken in Long Beach, California. Yeah. CSI Miami isn't even filmed in Miami. I know! Aside from some aerial views of the Miami skyline, the entire show is filmed in the LA area. So, no, we don't ever see the cast on the streets.

other great example...crime scene investigators roll in H3s, right? Maybe you should check out the next picture, taken outside of the entrance to our apartment...yes, this is a real CSI van. Ryan and I were so excited to actually see it that we should have probably been more concerned about why it was there in the first place. Whatever. I guess it just goes to show that TV did get one thing right about Miami: the crime.

Monday, October 13, 2008

welcome to miami.

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Welcome to our much anticipated blog. Well, at least we'd like to think people really wanted us to start one. Ha. We've been down here in Miami long enough that we decided it was definitely time to get the blog ball rolling. Actually we're just jealous that our (LeighAnn's) friends have blogs and nobody told us that now it's actually cool to have a blog (although maybe that's because the "coolness factor" is still in question, because it took months or years for them to finally say, "yeah, so i have a blog...I don't publicize it...").
First stop: google satellite map of our apartment - Camden. Yes, Camden, as in 'Lil Kim and Joanna's stomping ground. If you zoom in enough, you can even see the pool in the middle of our building. And yes, we are
that close to the water.
We have to be honest - until we realized it would make us way more awesome, we never imagined ourselves being the "blogger" types (well, Ryan does have lofty dreams of starting a controversial and in-your-face political commentary blog/radio talk show with Blaine), but there's just so much gosh darn crazy and awesome stuff down here, we would be doing you an injustice by not sharing it. So if anything, this blog will be your resource for
all hilarious/interesting things Miami, through the eyes of (future Dr.) Tufts and Mrs. Tufts. Bienvenidos a miami...